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Rosily Vineyard

A unique opportunity

Winery Door Tasting

At Rosily, we very much focus on growing the best grapes possible, and transforming them into the best bottles of wine possible. 

This focus on farming grapes and making wine, rather than farming tourists, means we offer a wine tasting experience like no other. 

Taking place right inside the working winery, our tastings offer an informative but relaxed look at the delicious, organic, estate grown and very affordable range of wines.  Our location being a few turns off the main tourist drive means visitors very often get the undivided attention of the friendly and knowledgable staff member - who may well turn out to be the winemaker, vineyard manager or even the owner!

But having our tasting table right in the heart of the working winery means the tastings can only happen on Saturdays and during the summer school holidays, or weekdays by appointment. 

OPEN:  Saturdays 11:00 - 4:30, and weekdays by appointment.


Our Vineyard

All of our wines are made on the property, from grapes that are grown on the property.  The closest vines are found just meters from the winery, offering a real sense of place to all our visitors.


Our Winery

Our purpose built winery was designed and constructed in the year 2000. The design allows for the red fermenters to be gravity drained into the press, and for the press to then be “gravity emptied” into the waiting trailer for transfer to our mulching piles. The external walls are constructed using thermomass technology which keeps the interior cool, allowing for perfect barrel aging conditions in the barrel store. The winery’s water requirements are met 100% by collecting rainwater off the roof. 




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