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Rosily Vineyard

Organic viticulture can basically be summed up as growing grapes in an environmentally friendly way.  This is done by looking after grapevines and harvesting them without the use of synthetic (man-made) chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.  It is also important to promote bio-diversity and maintain as much of the natural environment around the vineyard as is possible, and to try to establish a natural equilibrium in which no part of the ecosystem is out of balance with the rest.

The reasons that grape growers decide to "go organic" are many and varied, but for Rosily Vineyard the decision was made as a result of our commitment to make wines that truly reflect the unique patch of land upon which they are grown, and to look after that land, and the people who work upon it.  

It is possible to grow grapes using "organic principals" ie - taking the parts of organic viticulture that you find attractive, such as spreading compost or refraining from spraying pesticides, but still using other synthetic chemicals when you want.  It is also possible to grow grapes completely organically, but to not go through the paperwork and expense of becoming certified.  But at Rosily Vineyard we felt that having the recognised auditors at Australian Certified Organic go through every step of the growing process each year, from pruning through to harvest, to certify that every step and every input adheres to organic principles, gives us complete integrity and prevents any shortcuts or exceptions being taken.

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