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Rosily Vineyard

"Rosily often slips under the radar, yet when you stack up its show success and the quality of the wines, you have to ask why." - Ray Jordan

At Rosily we are proud of the many accolades that we have received over the years since the first vines were planted in 1994. After being awarded the Most Outstanding New Winery by the West Australian Wine Industry in 2003, we were delighted to be recognised as the Most Successful Overall Exhibitor at the 2004 Sheraton Wine Awards. Since then, we have been fortunate enough to receive outstanding national and international recognition for both our red and our white wines. 

Since 2015 (when we began our official conversion to organic viticulture) we have won 23 gold medals and 5 trophies for best wine in class.  Historic reviews and awards for every vintage of each Rosily wine can be found here: 

"No discussion of value wines in Margaret River would be complete without Rosily wines. Rosily’s wines are made with hand harvested, certified organic, estate grown fruit. When you consider that all their range, except their two reserve wines, are priced from $20-27 you’ll understand what I mean." - Fergal Gleeson, Margaret River Region Magazine, Autumn 2018






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