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Rosily Vineyard

One of just a handful of Margaret River wines produced without any sulphite additions.

First produced in 2017, the overwhelming popularity of this new wine ensured that  follow up sulphite free ssb wines have been produced every year since.

This wine is created as a "natural wine", which means there is more variation between different vintages than for the rest of our range.  No sulphur dioxide is used in the production of Rosily's "Special Batch" SSB, although a very small amount of sulphide may be present in the wine as a natural by-product of the fermentation process. 

The absence of added preservatives means the variable influence of naturally occuring yeasts and malolactic bacteria in the wine is enhanced.

Our winemaker Peter Stanlake is well aware that making a sulphite free wine is like walking a tightrope. Any little mistake where the wine becomes exposed to air could instantly ruin this kind of wine.


Sulphur dioxide has been used for hundreds of years as a preservative in the wine making process, and works by reducing the amount of oxygen in the wine.  This in turn prevents oxidation and ensures delicate aroma compounds remain intact.  However, the preservative properties come with a catch, as sulphur dioxide is also a common allergen.

Rosily's practice of hand harvesting all its grapes - and then hand emptying each individual picking bucket into the crusher - means that our bunches remain intact until they go through the crusher.  This reduces the amount of time that the juice can become oxidised, and makes it possible to produce a top quality wine without the addition of sulphur.




Certified organic, this natural wine is created without the addition of any sulphites.

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